June 25th

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June 21st

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"Uchu Keiji Shariban!

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Daily Drawing 06/20/14

June 7th

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Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together concept art.

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May 16th

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perspectiva corporum regularium by Wenzel Jamnitzer

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May 2nd

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Tondog and Crobdan got me this Hiroyuki Imaishi book for my birthday a year ago and I never really got around to showing it off. Well, now’s the time to do it.

It’s called “Wanted” and it’s a series of doujins released over the time span of six years, from 1994 to 1999, and recently put together into a single book. You can see Imaishi’s art style evolve from a much cartoonier and zanier version of stock 90s anime aesthetics to something pretty close to the style we all know him for today.

In fact, a lot of the character designs look like they’re straight out of later Imaishi works; I have no confirmation for this, but I honestly believe that Imaishi showed Atsushi Nishigori this manga when telling him how to design various stuff in Gurren Lagann. By the end of the series, the two lead characters look pretty much like Simon and Nia, and in an early chapter, you can see a character that greatly resembles Lord Genome. Two other characters are basically 666 and 777 from Dead Leaves.

I’ll post more stuff later but this will do for now.

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Deicide. Art by Jason Chan.

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Dean Cornwell

March 31st

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"Portrait of Dmitri Nowakowski"
24x18 in, oil on panel